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ACTAtek Mobile Battery Kit

The ACTAtek mobile battery comprises the Mobile Kit and a portable battery.

External Mifare Reader

The Simple External Mifare Reader is a serially connected external mifare card reader that connects to the ACTAtek via RS-232 or RS-485 serial cable connectors to the ACTAtek unit.

Secure External Relay

The External Relay provides for an added security measure for the ACTAtek when it is used for Access Control and installed outdoors. It is a secure relay that is connected to the ACTAtek and hidden within office premises, where nobody has access to trip the door lock.

Cards & Key Fob

Smart cards (Mifare/Legic) are available in ISO standards for thickness of use direct image and thermal transfer printer.

Smart Card Formatter

Hectrix has released the Smart Card Formatter. Customer can buy their own Mifare card and format it with our Hectrix's proprietary keys before they use it with ACTAtek.
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